The Hobbits of my Shire

p1180483Here are the Tribes from which I hail

The Hobbits of my Shire

The re-users, repairers, recyclers

Savers from landfill that fields may flourish

Salts of the earth dwellers

Early birds who catch the worm


Out in the cold

Fuelled by hunger to over-indulge

in all things merry

Dancers happy in simplicity

Comedians cut by teachers’ sarcasm

attended no classes –

they’re a class of their own


p1180481 The JAM tomorrows who live for today

True to themselves and trusting of none

Proud on their pins –

not scrounging welfare but scavenging bins

Disregarded regarders of the discarded

p1180484Magic menders of pre-loved dreams

Lorries full of broken treasures

Carpenters, seamsters and craft-sellers

musicians, poets and storytellers –

The talented that globalisation never minds

but we will sorely miss



Inspired by a village auction in the New Forest, Hampshire

November 2016 © Southampton Old Lady

The Shopping Lists Addict

Shopping List found at Aldi, Southampton

Bread, milk eggs, meat for stew, steaks, double cream, blue eggs (trendy tinted ones?), cauliflower and/or broccoli, pointed peppers,  bottle of Merlot wine, 5-6 pots of heather (lovingly doodled).

Further to my Confessions of a yellow-sticker shopper (two posts back – or click here) – I have become addicted to a wonderful new blog called The Shopping Lists (click to visit if you dare – you may become addicted too!)

The site records scribbled, shopping lists, mostly those left behind in supermarket trolleys.

The Shopping Lists tries to piece together what these people are like via their eating habits and lifestyles. Comments are encouraged offering answers to clues about the shopper’s circumstance.  What’s the meal and how many are they cooking for?  What age, gender, time of year ? – Is it a party?

I have spent the last few evenings playing detective with every list posted. And before I send in this one – perhaps we can guess that this list is for a posh, romantic dinner at home for two, then a bit of gardening at the weekend. The ‘meat for stew’ has been crossed off – so perhaps at the last minute they have been informed that they will be on their own for the weekend and suddenly changed the menu?

You can also submit your own found shopping list by tweeting to @tshoppinglists or send an email to


Haiku Challenge: Star Child

Child with painted face. © Southampton Old Lady 2015
Child with painted face. © Southampton Old Lady 2015

universal child

unique, incandescent star

guide us through our fate


In response to Ronavan Writes Haiku Challenge using two words: Child – Star

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Bye Bye Happy Hot Dog Man

Happy Hotdog Man © Southampton Old Lady 2015
Happy Hotdog Man © Southampton Old Lady 2015
Happy Hotdog Man © Southampton Old Lady 2015
Happy Hotdog Man © Southampton Old Lady 2015

Farewell to the Happy Hot Dog Man. Karl who has been a part of Southampton’s city centre for years, is an established Southampton character. His laugh brings a smile to customers and passers-by. Now he has been fined for not having a trading licence.

Council trading licence applications are complicated involving high insurance rates and are rarely granted. Other traders include those selling mobile phone accessories and jewellery, plus two taxi drivers. They have been going for so long now that everyone thought they were legit. It is difficult to believe that the council have only just noticed them.

James Franklin reported in today’s Daily Echo: ‘Southampton’s “Happy Hot Dog Man” is among four people fined for unlawful selling in the city centre. He as been told to pay £640 for breaching a council order.

‘City council licensing manager Phil Bates said: “We’re pleased with the result, it sends a clear message that unlicensed operations won’t be tolerated and can lead to prosecution.” A council spokesman added: “These are the traders in the precinct, some of whom we suspect are there daily.”

Photo Challenge: Oops!

Tightrope walking on Southampton Common 2
Tightrope walking on Southampton Common 2
Tightrope walking on Southampton Common
Tightrope walking on Southampton Common

The Common is a semi-wild green space in the middle of the City of Southampton. It was once used by anyone wanting to graze their farm-stock. Today it is used for all sorts of sport and leisure practice, picnics, festivals, cycling, model-boat sailing, orienteering etc. A group of young people were practicing the art of tightrope walking and doing quite well, when I took these photos.

In response to this weeks wordpress photo challege: