Halloween Challenge – Graveyards

The Italian boy who drowned in 1921 (now headless)
Mario’s grave
The grave with the tree growing on it
The tomb that slides open
Lean on each other
nettles amongst the headstones

Part of JNWS Halloween challenge: Graveyards

All these photos were taken at Southampton Common Old Cemetery, England. © Southampton Old Lady

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Fun Arcade

When I saw these vintage penny arcade machines at Portsmouth’s  Historical Dockyard, it brought back so many happy childhood memories of going to the Southsea funfair with my parents. I loved the puppets so much and could remember exactly what would happen before I put my coin in. I am so happy to find that they still exist in a museum.

In response to the Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge: Fun

A coin in this machine has this “Laughing Sailor” belly-laughing so infectiously that the most grumpy person ends up chuckling to it.
The machine reveals funny things that happen to “The Drunkard” (from erotic to nightmarish) in  his dream as he crashes out in the beer cellar
Ghosts galore in “The Haunted Churchyard”
An art nuevo machine with crane to attempt to catch sweets.
“The Burglar” finds himself distracted by the fire cracking, the radio pipping, the victim snoring while he tries hard to listen to the clicks of the dial of the safe.

Southampton’s Christmas Festival

A few snaps taken at Southampton’s Christmas Festival. This year our Council hosted a big German Christmas market from a new company that Sponsored the Festival in the city’s centre.

Santa flies above the German Christmas market in Southampton
Santa flies above the German Christmas market in Southampton
Santa heads for Southampton Bargate on his sleigh
Santa heads for Southampton Bargate on his sleigh. “We march on” is our football team’s banner
Santa's sleigh pulled by reindeer heading for Southampton Bargate
Santa’s sleigh pulled by reindeer heading for Southampton Bargate


German Christmas market stall in Southampton High Street.
German Christmas market stalls in Southampton High Street.


Smoking salmon at the German Christmas Market, Southampton
Smoking salmon at the German Christmas Market, Southampton





CCTV & Phoenician Eye

Weekly photo challenge: eye-spy

2 for 1:


Firstly: A winking ‘Smiley’ sign to let people know that they are being watched by close circuit television, and not to get up to mischief on Bognor Regis beach in England, UK

Phoenician eye

Secondly: A large sailing dinghy in Southampton, England. Still popular, especially in Europe, a Phoenician Eye on each side of the bow of a boat is believed to ensure safe guidance through the seas. The Phoenicians were the first that we know of to use eye symbols in this way. It was later adapted by the Egyptians who named it the Eye of Horus.

If you would like to take part the link is here: <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/eye-spy/”>Eye Spy</a>

Snap as Seen 1: Boat with Discarded Alien

Boat with Discarded Alien, from Discarded Objects series © Southampton Old Lady
Boat with Discarded Alien, from Snap As Seen series
© Southampton Old Lady

Six Word Story Challenge: Regret

sss-2nd“I regret nothing!” Replied the psychopath.”


This is my response to this week’s ‘Six Word Story Challenge’ 2:  Regret

I won 2nd prize!

If you would like to take part too, visit https://nicolaauckland.wordpress.com/2015/08/29/weekly-six-word-story-challenge-2/

Graffiti 4 – Lancaster Castle – (The Queen’s latest rave club)

1865 Graffiti from Her Majesty's Prison at Lancster Castle, England
1865 Graffiti from Her Majesty’s Prison at Lancaster Castle, England
I LOVE GOD graffiti from HMP Lancaster which closed as a prison in 2011
I LOVE GOD graffiti from HMP Lancaster which closed as a jail in 2011

Lancaster is an Ideal Tourist location

If you visit Britain, I would recommend a good central base for visiting all its countries is Lancaster in Lancashire. Located in Northern England, not too far from the seaside town of Blackpool, it is about halfway between Glasgow in Scotland and London, just off the M6 motorway. This is a good road route if you wish to see Stratford on Avon, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool (sail from here to Northern Ireland) or North Wales. Lancaster itself is full of friendly people, old fashioned English pubs, and historic attractions which remain unspoilt from any war. For a wonderful arial view visit the YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Nn9_jZFs7M&feature=youtu.be

Lancaster Castle entrance
Lancaster Castle entrance

Graffiti Tours

Lancaster Castle, also known as John O’Gaunt’s Castle, has its origins as far back as the Roman times. The castle was first used as a prison in the 12th Century and right up until its closure in 2011. Hundreds have been hanged after trials here, including the Pendle witches in 1612.  The castle operates regular tours, including a specialised ‘Graffiti tour’.  Historians were able to find out much about the town’s ancient history from what was scratched on its walls by prisoners. To find out more of what you can do the castle visit: http://www.lancastercastle.com

Its all gone Pete Tong at Her Majesty’s Prison Lancaster!

A Wing of Lancaster Prison
A Wing of Lancaster Prison

The Queen who owns Lancaster Castle, has recently found herself to be an accidental Landlady of a popular nightclub. British DJs, who became world-famous after performing in Ibiza, hire the ‘A Wing’ of the ex-prison as a club.

Raves in unusual places, popular in the 1980s, have undergone a huge revival and spread throughout the world – so has its music, from drum & bass or garage to acid house and hard techno. (The most unusual rave I attended, over 30 years ago, was Mutoid Waste’s first event inside London’s Battersea Power-station. The Mutoid Waste company is one of the main attractions now at the Glastonbury festival for steam-punk, mechanical fairground sculptures).

Southampton’s superstar DJ Rob Da Bank (who organises Bestival), Pete Tong, Mark Knight, High Contrast, Kratoa, Bondax, Dimitri from Paris and James Zabelia are just some of those to perform at A Wing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj1-c9CmzfA


Young crowd dancing at AWing nightclub. Photo from www.lancastercastle.com
Young crowd dancing at AWing nightclub. Photo from http://www.lancastercastle.com


Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy

Page ascending staircase © Southampton Old Lady
Guard Ascending Staircase                                                       © Southampton Old Lady

The WordPress Photo Challenge for this week is  – Creepy

I realised that I had far too many creepy photos to choose from: haunted, half-timbered English pubs – shocking Spanish-museum artefacts – abandoned Ministry of Defence buildings – rotting submarines…  In the end I went for the one I like, taken inside Portsmouth’s Square Tower.

This Medieval building, which is part of the fortification of Old Portsmouth, England, has had a varied, bloody history. It was reinforced during the reign of Henry VII as part of this Naval Port’s expansion.

I acted the part as Lady of the Manor at a Medieval banquet here. Saxons at a long table one side, Normans on another. I snapped this picture of one of the guards ascending the staircase to the fort’s roof.

Decaying Old Grandeur 5 – Boats on Southampton’s River Itchen

Grand boat 1

On Southampton’s Itchen River, the mudflats are a grave-yard for once-glamourous boats.

Photos © Southampton Old Lady
Photos © Southampton Old Lady

grand boat 5

grand boat 4Grand boat 8grand boat 6

Grand boat 10