Advent 12: Illuminations

The Titanic leaving Dock Gate 4, Southampton

p1180671Southampton is not usually forthcoming on Christmas lights as much as other cities – What with the Christmas market and so many lights from shops, ships and offices – But, to open up a leisure area for Christmas at West Quay malls this year, a stunning loop of 7-minute, light and sound illuminations ran on our Old Town Wall at the weekend.


p1180656Depicted, was the history of Southampton’s port, which focused on departures of: Henry V troops leaving for Agincourt, The Mayflower with Pilgrims preparing for America, The Titanic leaving for New York, boats and planes in WW2 manoeuvres, J-Class yachts, powerboats, hovercraft, container-ships and so on.

Do you have any festive lights where you are?

Southampton’s city square

Summer Splash


For two days an otherwise Cool Britannia has been basking in a Mediterranean heatwave.

Normality has stopped while bodies, the colour of uncooked pastry, have headed to the water’s edge to sacrifice themselves to the Sun. Baking and blistering in a desperate attempt to change colour.

Breathing underwater © Southampton Old Lady

CYW: Unmellow Yellow


I took these snaps in a surround cinema inside the Stiegl Brewery in Salzberg, Austria.

A drink poured, then I realised that we were sat inside an epic-sized glass of unmellow beer.

In response to Color Your World Photo Challenge; where each day on the calendar marks a different Crayola colour photo prompt.

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CYW: Tickle Me Pink



Photos of Tickle Me Pink shoes © Southampton Old Lady
Photos of Tickle Me Pink shoes © Southampton Old Lady

These are for the Colour Your World Photo Challenge: Tickle Me Pink

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Colour My World: Screaming Green





I love the way that, when driving through the British countryside, trees meet above to create a screaming green tunnel.

Photos ©  Southampton Old Lady.

In response to WordPress challenge: Color Your World: Screaming Green

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