The Hobbits of my Shire

p1180483Here are the Tribes from which I hail

The Hobbits of my Shire

The re-users, repairers, recyclers

Savers from landfill that fields may flourish

Salts of the earth dwellers

Early birds who catch the worm


Out in the cold

Fuelled by hunger to over-indulge

in all things merry

Dancers happy in simplicity

Comedians cut by teachers’ sarcasm

attended no classes –

they’re a class of their own


p1180481 The JAM tomorrows who live for today

True to themselves and trusting of none

Proud on their pins –

not scrounging welfare but scavenging bins

Disregarded regarders of the discarded

p1180484Magic menders of pre-loved dreams

Lorries full of broken treasures

Carpenters, seamsters and craft-sellers

musicians, poets and storytellers –

The talented that globalisation never minds

but we will sorely miss



Inspired by a village auction in the New Forest, Hampshire

November 2016 © Southampton Old Lady

25 thoughts on “The Hobbits of my Shire

  1. Discarded regarders of the disregarded…

    I enjoyed your words very much. What a lovely group of people who seem happy to live simply and gather with friends! Yes, salt of the earth folks of which we can always use more. xo

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  2. “Gold is where you find it.” (Or, for purists, in the original olde Englisch, “Gold is where you ‘fine it.”)

    I was glad to find this golden post today. As you were glad to find those golden people, SOL.

    Cheers, JBS

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  3. What a fine combination of words and images. It’s clear that your shire would be a place I’d be comfortable and happy. Over here, we call such people “just folks” — at least, that’s how we southerners say it — and whether there or here, they are wonderful.

    By the way — I can’t find your email address anywhere. I have a little something I’d like to email you — could you send it to me at varnishgal at gmail dot com?


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