Awards – Reblogs & ©


Award-Free: Thank you very much for all those lovely fellow Bloggers who have nominated me for awards. But this is a very personal blog and I am not out to gain anything from it. From the start I have set out to be an award-free blog. Your comments are enough! screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-11-22-07

Though one exception is from NewsNotes.1, who nominated me for  a Versatile Blogger Award. I was informed that this ‘Dremboat’ design with a sailboat was inspired by my blog. Though I have not answered the questions that go with it and won’t be passing it on.

Reblogging: WordPress followers are welcome to re-blog my posts, but please don’t be rude enough to pass them off as your own – if you can introduce me and explain that it is a reblog it would be far more polite.

Use of Photos: If any person finds themselves in my photos then please be free to use those photos in any way you wish. If for some reason that you are upset about being in my photos. Let me know and I will delete them, you will have my sincere apologies.

© Southampton Old Lady: I own the copyright on all my photos, but should you wish to use them for your own purposes, please ask me first. I am usually compliant. Please credit the photos with my site: and send me a link.

Photo of banner taken at Dismaland 2014 © Southampton Old Lady