Advent 25: Baby Jesus

© Southampton Old Lady
© Southampton Old Lady

WordPress say that my blog site is full and I have used up all my library space. Does anyone know what one does when this happens? Can’t post any more at the moment which is just as well as I should be packing up to leave by the end of the year.

Thanks for all the lovely comments and greetings. Enjoy the day whatever your beliefs…


35 thoughts on “Advent 25: Baby Jesus

  1. I think you have two options with WordPress now, either start a new free blog, or start paying for the expanded memory WordPress blog (which is what my wife, Grace, does…)
    Merry Christmas!

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  2. Happy Christmas! You’ll have to do as I have done and pay up to get more space. I reckoned that was fair after about eight years of free blogging. And you can get more personal help with blogging problems if you ever have any. Good luck!

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  3. You can pay a small fee for expanded space. I’ve not needed to do that, since I’ve been hosting my photos elsewhere, but I may move to WP and pay the fee. Merry Christmas to you, and best wishes for your exciting new year!

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  4. Yes, as everyone else has said, you will need to pay a fee. However, I suppose you could go through the blogs and delete a few – or maybe just some photos. That might work.

    All best wishes to you xx

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  5. SOL, yes you can buy more space which is what I have done in the past or you can start a new blog. I am starting a new blog in January. I have another question for you. Can I get a boat, ferry, whatever from Southampton to the Channel Islands? In Particular from Southampton to Guernsey? Also can I get a ferry, boat, whatever from Isle of Wight to Guernsey or Jersey? Thank you and Merry Christmas! I look forward to hearing from you in the New Year!

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      • Hi SOL,

        I sometimes post an image in the Comments section of your blog.

        Some of them are high-resolution images that take up a lot of space in your WordPress Library. (Because, in each case, I wanted you to have a high-quality image, in case you wanted to download it for later use)

        However, I had no knowledge that you were running out of Library memory space in your blog.

        Why don’t you delete my images, and that should save you a few MB of space?

        *Regarding this blog, or your planned future blogs*

        I pay $26.00 USD per year, for each one of my blogs, and I have hundreds of photos, and dozens of videos (videos are real memory space hogs!) stored in my WordPress sites. Without ever receiving one warning about full memory.

        When you upgrade to that minimum plan, you also get a smoother URL — for instance, instead of:

        it becomes:

        Or you could make it:
        Or you could make it:
        Or other variations of that…

        Wishing you and yours the best in the New Year! JBS

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      • Thanks for the advice JBS – I don’t think that your photos get included in my library though only those that I reblog. As I am moving it makes sense to leave the blog which is mainly about Southampton and just reply to anyone who writes a comment. I will certainly take note of what you say though and will use lower quality photos in the next blog – which is fine online – just not for printing off. I am deciding whether to call my new blog “Far from the Madding Crowd” or Durdles in Dorset – It will more or less be the same but take place in Dorset.

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  6. I don’t think deleting blog posts will make much difference because they’re just text with links to images in the media library. Deleting posts won’t delete the image files. You can, however, delete images from the library.

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  7. One very boring solution, is to compress all your images (retrospectively) and always to compress them. Edited publishing. By doing this, I think I have bought myself a year or two.

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    • Thanks Scooj – I am not a technical person and don’t know how to do that. As I will be moving away from Southampton and to Dorset for awhile on and off the shore – I thought I might just start a new blog about that. Hope you had a good few days and all the best for the New Year

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      • Thank you. And a happy New Year to you too. I like the idea of a new blog. I will explain what you could do to compress your images before posting them. Once you get into the routine it is ok, but you need to do it on a PC. It gives your blog a much longer lifespan. S

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  8. I was so happy to see Jesus as the post picture. Everyone is always so materialistic; Christmas has become a time of shopping and gifts. Everyone has forgotten the real meaning of it all: Jesus’ birth!!!

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  9. Hi SOL,

    I understand that you have moved to a new location, and that it’s logical to begin a new blog. A fresh start! Which is always exciting.

    I do hope you leave this blog ‘up’ for readers to peruse. There’s a lot of interesting posts and great comments to read.

    Please let your readers know the name of your new blog — so we can visit you via the internet, there.

    Wishing you and yours a Safe and Enjoyable New Year!!! JBS

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    • Still packing and waiting for all the contracts to go through – but will leave this blog up as there aren’t many about Southampton (unless you follow the football team) – if all goes well we will be staying on a boat in Dorset – so will start a new blog about that then. Will keep in touch

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