The Shopping Lists Addict

Shopping List found at Aldi, Southampton

Bread, milk eggs, meat for stew, steaks, double cream, blue eggs (trendy tinted ones?), cauliflower and/or broccoli, pointed peppers,  bottle of Merlot wine, 5-6 pots of heather (lovingly doodled).

Further to my Confessions of a yellow-sticker shopper (two posts back – or click here) – I have become addicted to a wonderful new blog called The Shopping Lists (click to visit if you dare – you may become addicted too!)

The site records scribbled, shopping lists, mostly those left behind in supermarket trolleys.

The Shopping Lists tries to piece together what these people are like via their eating habits and lifestyles. Comments are encouraged offering answers to clues about the shopper’s circumstance.  What’s the meal and how many are they cooking for?  What age, gender, time of year ? – Is it a party?

I have spent the last few evenings playing detective with every list posted. And before I send in this one – perhaps we can guess that this list is for a posh, romantic dinner at home for two, then a bit of gardening at the weekend. The ‘meat for stew’ has been crossed off – so perhaps at the last minute they have been informed that they will be on their own for the weekend and suddenly changed the menu?

You can also submit your own found shopping list by tweeting to @tshoppinglists or send an email to


23 thoughts on “The Shopping Lists Addict

  1. What an absolutely fun project. But I can’t remember ever finding a list in a cart. Heck — most of the time I can’t even find mine. There are plenty of times I get to the store and realize the list still is on the dining room table. Sigh.

    But this is worth paying attention to. I’m going to start watching more closely for those left-behind lists. I fear that mine wouldn’t have much to reveal — except that I live with a cat with extravagant tastes!

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  2. I write my lists by hand, but what a wonderful idea to try and work out their stories. I think the person concerned changed their mind about about the meat stew and decided to go for steaks. I’m intrigued by the two lots of eggs and ‘heather’ might be ‘leather’.

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  3. Guilty as charge. I must do my shopping lists (handwritten) too and use papers I could find even recycling the back of envelopes. hahahaa

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