Titanic Graves in old cemetery at Southampton Common

Deanery Titanic Map2

This floor map at Southampton’s SeaCity Museum locates where I went to school (The Deanery School) and Southampton Technical College (now City College) in the St Mary’s area. In the early 1900s it was a Deanery for St Mary’s Church (still is), The Chancery, alms houses and a workhouse.  The red dots depict just some of over 700 addresses in Southampton, of crew members of The Titanic fell victim and died.

When the Titanic sank in April 1912, it was devastating for Southampton. It was our 9/11 as it were.

Most of the crew were from Southampton – Most of the crew, along with its Captain, went down with the ship. Which meant that more than half of those that died listed their address in Southampton. One Street near the then Docks (named Briton or Brintons Street) was demolished as every house in it had a family member that drowned in the disaster – families found living there too painful. If you visit Southampton’s SeaCity museum, one of the floors has a map of the inner city and every red dot is an address of a victim.
Some of the bodies brought back were buried in the cemetery on Southampton Common. Their stones are marked with a blue peg. This is a very old cemetery, which is attended to mainly by volunteers. There is a group of volunteers who give guided walks around the cemetery. The organisation also volunteer a number of other guided walks around Southampton such as a Titanic Trail or one about Jane Austin. It is worth going on a walk with them, if you are fit enough.

Their website is http://seesouthampton.co.uk

Southampton Common Cemetary grave 1b

Southampton Common Cemetary grave 1

Southampton Common Cemetary grave 3


Southampton Common Cemetary grave 2

Southampton Common Cemetary grave4