Itchen Ferry Village Details

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Sea Otter emerging from Supermarine Factory before it was bombed

floating bridges southampton

L.S Lowry painting of the Itchen Ferry, Southampton
Woolston shore, where we used to wait for the ferry before the Itchen Bridge was built.

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The Woolston Ferry

The Floating Bridge by L.S Lowry. On loan by Carol Ann Lowry to Southampton Art Gallery
The Floating Bridge by L.S Lowry. On loan by Carol Ann Lowry to Southampton Art Gallery
The Woolston Ferry is now a restaurant at Eelphant Wharf, Burseldon, Southampton
The Woolston Ferry is now a restaurant at Elephant Wharf, Burseldon, Southampton

The main link is a reblog from The Reclining Gentleman – a fellow Sotonian that I follow. This song has filled me with so much melancholy.  I just loved the Woolston Ferry (Southampton’s Floating Bridge) and it made a wonderful free day out for me as a child.  The video (if you click on the original blog) show clips at Southampton Art Gallery with paintings of the ferry at by L.S Lowry, who was in love with a Southampton girl at the time. Sadly she married someone else, then so did he. But both couples remained good friends during their lifetimes though. The Woolston Ferry song is by Gutter Percha & The Balladeeros from Southampton. The Ferry itself has made a comeback since this song. It is now a summer restaurant further along the River Itchen at Elephant Wharf, Bursledon, for anyone interested.

The Reclining Gentleman

This tune will mean nothing to 99.99% of readers, but i don’t care. I love it. The tune and the ferry are part of my heritage.

You can see my flat in the map near the beginning. In fact i have never lived outside the area of that map since i came home from Southampton General Hospital at age 2 days. You can also see St Mary’s Stadium where Southampton FC play. Every few years the fans try to get the chorus of this song to become our anthem and sing it at games, but sadly it has never properly caught on. I love singing it in away pubs though and seeing the confused looks of the home fans.

You can keep your Ferry Cross the Mersey, your Skye Boat Song, and anything Bryan Ferry has ever recorded. This song, its ferry, its heart and its history are about the…

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