Advent 14: Silly Jumpers

Christmas jumper party at the Southampton Christmas Market © SOL

As children we wore our Christmas sweaters all winter – They were more like the tasteful Nordic ones then only not as good crafting.

Scene from Bridget Jones Diary (2001) 
Presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield wearing Christmas jumpers

For anyone that has read or seen the Bridget Jones Diary (2001) movie, they will know that in the UK we wear silly pullovers at Christmas. Knitwear presents are popular and if your aunt has spent the year knitting that embarrassing sweater for you, then the least you can do is wear it to family gatherings over Christmas.

But since that film these jumpers have taken off in a big way. Sixteen years later, we now even import cheap acrylic ones from China. We have a Christmas jumper at work day to raise money for charity and Presenters even wear them on television! There are nights out and pub-crawls where it is compulsory to wear your Christmas jumper.

Here are more photos I took from the Christmas jumper night out at Southampton’s Christmas market – click on to enlarge:

Some of my favourites:

Take a look at these Cheesy Jumpers on WordPress

What do you wear at Christmas?


25 thoughts on “Advent 14: Silly Jumpers

  1. I’ve never had a Christmas jumper.My favourite belonged to a chap at work who had a Rudolf with a flashing red nose. I worked with him for years and he had a different one each Christmas. He wore them to the Christmas party, even before they were fashionable.

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  2. I’m afraid I have never bought into the Christmas jumper thing, just too self conscious. If I am going to wear daft clothes it needs to be on my terms. Is that bad?

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  3. Over here, a jumper is a sort of dress that’s worn over a turtleneck or blouse — like this. Your jumpers are our sweaters — but the Christmas sweater here can be just as (1)interesting, (2) tacky, or (3) creative. Fun stuff.

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    • I read that somewhere about ‘jumpers’ being different in parts of the US. Your ‘jumper’ is called a gymslip, tunic or pinafore in our part of the world. Other names for our jumpers include: Guernsey, Jersey or woolly.

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  4. Hi SOL,

    I love the British accent, I wish I had one.

    But a long time ago when I was in Britain, someone I was visiting but didn’t know that well, asked me if I wanted to wear one of his jumpers (to stay warm, as it was quite cold at the time) for our walk outdoors. Hehehe.

    Of course, to my Canadian-English-tuned ear, I didn’t know what to make of; “Wont jump-ahz? They’re right here.”

    “Er, I’m not sure. What does that mean?” I asked.

    Then I figured it out. “Yes, thanks for the sweater!” I said. (Which is what we call jumpers here)

    Just one of those things. LOL

    Cheers, JBS

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