Advent 13: Floral Christmas

The Holly bears the crown
The Holly bears the crown
Christmas flowers © Southampton Old Lady
If you're not fond of traditional Brussels sprouts then they make intriguing wreaths!
If you’re not fond of traditional Brussels sprouts then they make intriguing wreaths!
Scarce in Britain the last decade, mild weather this year has meant an abundance of mistletoe
Scarce in Britain the last decade, mild weather this year has meant an abundance of mistletoe
Citrus and spice © Southampton Old Lady


traditional poinsettias
traditional poinsettias


24 thoughts on “Advent 13: Floral Christmas

    • I fill my house with them rather than plastic decorations. Yours sounds like a healthy plant. I have only known them to survive from year to year in warm climes. The leaves go red before they drop off, don’t they, so maybe this will happen later? Perhaps place it in a cooler area so that it thinks it is Winter. I know that if you pick the yellow flowers off it stops them from becoming leggy, and that they don’t like too much water in the soil they are in. I used to have a big poinsettia bush in my garden when I lived in Spain.

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      • Thank you. I didn’t know about taking off the flowers, not that mine has got any. It’s very leggy. It has new leaves and is in the coldest, darkest room in the house at the moment. I’ll leave it there for a bit longer and see what happens.

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  1. That citrus and spice photo reminded me of some lovely citrus and spice Christmas decorations my friend and I saw in London. We would have loved to have brought some back as presents, but would they be allowed into the country? Probably not, because they contain plant matter. But my friend, who was returning before me, bought a small one. If it was allowed in, she would text me so I could get a couple more for us. Sadly, when she showed hers to Border Control it didn’t past muster, so now those decorations are just a fragrant memory.

    I haven’t seen anything like them made here. A market opening for a handy person?

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  2. What are those round things with the cinnamon sticks in the citrus and spice photo? I’ve never seen anything like them. And I’ll donate my Brussels sprouts to anyone who wants them. I just had some for supper, in an attempt to convince myself they are edible, but they were… not pleasant. I did butter and garlic with a splash of lemon, but it just didn’t work. I may give the wreath a try.

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    • The round things are pomanders: limes and small oranges (or tangerines, satsumas or clementines) that have been cut and dried, either in a greenhouse or in a slow oven. They make the house smell Christmasy and are used in a pot pureé, as baubles for trees or in wreaths. I believe that Brussels sprouts make the ying and yang of Christmas – to appreciate the sweet things you need some bitterness. Besides they’re healthy!


  3. Hi SOL,

    Beautiful photos!

    I love that holly bursting towards the camera (like it’s trying desperately to get photographed) and I finally got to see what mistletoe looks like. I was always curious but always forgot to look it up online. The things I learn at SOL’s blog!

    Cheers! JBS

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