From Southampton: “New cancer drug shows promise in helping patients with blood cancer” — Science Springs

University of Southampton 5 December 2016 No writer credit found New cancer drug shows promise in helping patients with blood cancer. No image credit. A drug, which has been developed from the results of cancer immunology research at the University of Southampton, has been showed to reduce the risk of follicular lymphoma progression. Results from […]

via From Southampton: “New cancer drug shows promise in helping patients with blood cancer” — Science Springs

16 thoughts on “From Southampton: “New cancer drug shows promise in helping patients with blood cancer” — Science Springs

  1. My uncle has Multiple Mylenoma – wonder if this would be useful for him? He tried Thalidamide before that actually did help. Here in the US there are more treatment options for MM patients than in the UK presently under the NHS. I am glad they are beginning to introduce more.

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    • It might help him – I don’t know how it works on white blood cells – that’s incredible that Thalidmide helped. The NHS has strict rules that anything tested in other countries also has to be tested here. I volunteered to test a series of chemo treatments used in Germany for Hodgkin Lymphoma. Cancer Research UK helped pay for the research. It saved my life though it was tough going. I now volunteer for the charity. Cancer Research UK have also given lots of money to the University of Southampton in their Cancer Research efforts and I am so proud of the students and what they have achieved. Sol

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      • Dearest S, you should be proud, as you did help and all those clinical trials can help but he is restricted as to the ones he can do – he wouldn’t have even had access to Thalidmide had he not had from his work before he retired, a private health plan as the socialized healthcare would not have given it to him. I’m pro-socialized healthcare but there also need to be choices for people who have such diseases. I’m glad you are making some difference as when you are sick it’s so hard to fight isn’t it? Others have to instead in our stead. I am trying to do that for my friend with the brain tumor. It’s wrong that it should be such a battle.

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  2. BBC the other night aired a segment on treating brain issues at St. Mary’s Hospital with ultrasound “surgery” by aiming waves to the affected site. The example they showed was the treatment of a man with Parkinson’s. He went in with shaky hands, and a short time later, came out with perfectly stable hands. Awake during the procedure, no cutting involved. You might look into it.

    Also the first two options shown of the round-up below:

    These are some recent breakthroughs in the scientific field which might be read as a matter of interest or for further follow.

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