Advent 7: Skating

Skating in Salzburg © Southampton Old Lady

p1180637Ice Skating is always associated with Christmas in Britain. Artificial rinks are put up in nearby towns as it is never usually the right temperature, especially where I live in the South, to have natural ones.

The winter of 1962–1963 (also known as the Big Freeze of 1963) was one of the coldest winters on record in the United Kingdom. Temperatures plummeted and lakes and rivers began to freeze over.

I had a pair of second-hand ice-skates given to me for Christmas then. I used to go to the Bannister Ice Rink, near The Common in Southampton with my sister. I remember that the pavements and roads were so iced up that I skated on them all the three miles home to the Newtown area.

15 thoughts on “Advent 7: Skating

      • The boys certainly went as fast as they could, but I don’t remember a T-Pot. Saturday mornings used to have a very civilised bit where there was a break for dancing. I could only manage the most basic steps, so had to watch for most of it, but it was very entertaining.

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  1. We used sometimes to go skating from school, to Streatham Ice Rink, when I was in the 6th form, as an alternative to the dreaded hockey. It turned out to be just as bad, as a roughie-toughie boys’ school delighted in ‘accidentally’ crashing into us gently-reared grammar school girls. I’ve never skated since.

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    • Yes it was quite rough at ours too – I used to come home covered in bruises. There used to be a bloke playing the organ at ours in the day but there would be a DJ at night. Sometimes there would be fights which was quite strange with the old fashioned organ music.

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    • I can also remember 1965 being quite heavy with snow too – for us in the South anyway, and there was extended television coverage of Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral – all there was to watch while the school was closed.

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      • I wound up being co-workers once with this girl who used to skate at the same rink as me when we were both young girls. I was never very good at skating, but she was. And I hear her sister had done very well in skating competitions. We had the same overseas situation here, as well… the boys would whizz around the rink, while the girls would try fancy moves in the middle. The teapot move sounds familiar — it’s so hard to remember that far back, sometimes, though!

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  2. The last time I skated outdoors was in 1983. Houston had a serious freeze — it went on for days. We can take dipping below freezing for a bit, but houses and other buildings here aren’t prepared for such weather. There are plenty of exposed pipes, and the ones in my apartment building froze and burst. In the process, they flooded a concrete courtyard — voila! Instant ice rink. I still had my skates, and had a whee of a time.

    When I was growing up in Iowa, there was a large flooded rink that was open from noon-ish to 10 at night. The rink was large, and there was a wonderful stone warming house with two big fireplaces — open to the rink on one side. There was nothing I liked more than walking down, skating for an hour or two, and then walking home, sometimes in the moonlight, and sometimes in snow.

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