Advent 5: Christmas Tree

Fir tree © Southampton Old Lady

The decoration of Christmas trees were brought to Britain from Germany as early as the 1790s. Trees were generally displayed on tables in pots, with gifts placed unwrapped underneath. The tree was decorated with wax candles, baskets of sweets, flags and little ornaments and gifts. The imported German Springelbaum was the tree of choice until the 1880s, at which time the home-grown Norway Spruce became available. This made a larger tree more affordable, and people began placing trees on the floor.

13 thoughts on “Advent 5: Christmas Tree

  1. I remember a candle-lit tree at my grandparents’ house, when I was very small. Then, perhaps because I was very small, the decision to adopt the new-fangled electric lights was made.

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  2. I replied to Avril’s comment before I realised there had been quite a discussion about candles. When I was growing up – in the 1950s and 60s,. it was relatively easy to buy special candle holders for use on the tree. Then round about the late 60s, it became difficult, so when our candle holders gradually fell apart, well, that was it. I still regret their passing. I’m surprised these new-fangled electric ones have caught on 😉 !

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