Advent 4: Who is Santa Claus?

Father Christmas, Santa Claus, Sanctus Nicolaus, St Nicholas, Papa Noel © Southampton Old Lady

Who is Santa Claus?    A Turkish Pope

Santa (Sanctus Nicolaus); (15 March 270 – 6 December 343)
Santa (Sanctus Nicolaus); (15 March 270 – 6 December 343)

green-father-christma blue-santaWhen the artist Haddon Sundblom, first depicted a red velvety Santa for Coca-Cola® ads in the USA between 1931 and 1965, the world copied the image and the world now pictures him in red. In England we call Santa, Father Christmas – he replaced an old god worshipped during the Winter Solstice – probably The Green Man who lived in an oak tree. So the slimmer Father Christmas used to wear green. Mostly Santus Nicolaus was pictured wearing blue so in The Netherlands it is not unusual to find blue Santas.




17 thoughts on “Advent 4: Who is Santa Claus?

  1. I love the jewel-like tones of the three Santas. They remind me of the cellophane windows we used to make as kids — so vibrant and “holiday-ish.” I have a friend who’s using lavendar and white for her “Christmas colors” this year. When it comes to holidays, I’ll let the fashionistas do their think, and stick with tradition.

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  2. I knew about the appropriation of Saint Nicholas by Coke but I didn’t know about “The Green Man”. I think I’ll use that this Christmas in Ottawa where it looks like it might be green again this year.

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  3. Never knew that about Father Christmas replacing the Green Man but it seems obvious when you think about it. I can see me throwing in that little nugget at the Christmas dinner table, haha

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