Advent 3: Home for Christmas


Breakfast in bed © Southampton Old Lady

It is a great time to relax when you go home for Christmas. I love spoiling my daughter. However some people have no homes to go to…

Southampton homeless in doorway
It is estimated that 117,000 children will be homeless in the UK this Christmas. London, Manchester and other cities and especially warmer cities in the South also have high numbers of rough sleepers that are difficult to calculate.    Photo of homeless sleeping in the City of Southampton © Southampton Old Lady

It has been very frosty in the UK and weather forecasters are predicting a white Christmas this year, which is no fun for those who have nowhere to go and are sleeping rough. Why not make a gift of a night in a homeless shelter or buy a Christmas dinner for someone homeless this year?

It is estimated that 117,000 children will be homeless in the UK this Christmas

For homeless young people who have run away to London there is Centre Point’s Home For Christmas appeal – click here

In my area the Society of St James organises such for the homeless click here

Or there is Crisis at Christmas click here

There must be many organisations in your area that you can help: A home is where the heart is.

Also in response to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: Relax


23 thoughts on “Advent 3: Home for Christmas

  1. Beautiful thought: thank you. We lost power for 42 hours and were sitting shivering in the candlelight. A short time, perhaps, but enough to be thankful for the light and the heat and the power and the water, when they all came back. Deprivation is not good. Blessings … and what a beautiful breakfast in bed!

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  3. Now we’re getting old (though I hope not decrepit) my husband and I have decided we just don’t need to exchange presents with each other. So we’re getting involved in the Reverse Advent Calendar project here, which invites you to buy something every day in Advent to make a useful;, but also festive food hamper for a food-bank user. I think a couple of those will be more useful than another present we don’t need. Having said that, we do still fill a stocking for each other. That’s a bit of fun.

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    • They have people here too collecting for food banks in supermarket foyers. They ask shoppers to buy an extra tin of food for the poor. Our family buy each other treats such as a meal out or give money towards the next holiday for Christmas. Then we to open a stocking full of cheap things to unwrap on Christmas Day.

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  4. Thank you SOL. A timely reminder. Although we are really struggling as a family, we are comparatively very comfortable. I will consider the homeless of Bristol in my Christmas planning.

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  5. Nice post! I am currently reading “A Gift from Bob” written by James Bowen.It is about various Christmases in his life , when he was a child and when he was an addict living homeless on the streets in London and Christmas with his cat Bob ( of Streetcat Bob fame). I have read all the Bob books and it has made me see homeless people differently. Thanks for this reminder.

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