Advent 1: Charity

Charity shop gifts and cards © Southampton Old Lady
Christmas cards in aid of Cancer Research UK © Southampton Old Lady
Charity Donations © Southampton Old Lady

6 thoughts on “Advent 1: Charity

  1. Yep. Charity is various forms is the way to go at Christmas. One constant at Christmas for us is making our own cards, and donating what we would otherwise have spent on buying them to a chosen charity. We usually try to make it one of the smaller ones less in the national consciousness, who do great things with limited resources and publicity. Making the cards is also fun!

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  2. You’ll see in my next post that I usually do the same. People have come to look forward to my cards and round robins, however we are packing ready to move so am not sure that I will have time this year. Thanks for your comments Margaret.

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  3. Making cards is such fun, although I usually forego that and purchase cards made by the young cancer patients at M.D. Anderson hospital. That not only benefits their charity, it raises awareness in the people who get the cards, too.

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