Economist who Predicted Trump & Brexit Explains What Happens Now

The world is in dire need of change, the rich have been getting richer while the poor have been getting poorer. It is a shock but we all need to come together to make a fairer world and stop name-blaming and creating divisions. Pop that filter-bubble and adjust to a new world.

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In this clip Scottish Economist & Professor at Brown University, Mark Blyth discusses the state of global politics post The U.S election. 

Arguing that this giant shift has an economic source and the demise of Greece and rise of Podemos should have been the wake up call that the world needed:

“The global economy has boomed in the last 30 years yet for most, their standard of living and access to public services has declined dramatically.”

Eloquently examining what the global order will look like with elections in Germany France, the Netherlands and possibly Italy in 2017.

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13 thoughts on “Economist who Predicted Trump & Brexit Explains What Happens Now

    • I don’t think he is a solution – people want change from the status quo and only had two people to choose from. Out of the two he seemed more real and listened. People no longer trust politicians and want actions and not words (lies). In some ways it reminds me of when Italy voted in 1979 for Ilana Taller, a Porn Star.


      • Realistically a person like him won because the majority of people don’t vote. Of those that did, the majority voted for the other candidate. The ones who did vote for him were strategically well-placed. But you wonder how things would be if all participated in the democracy. We’d have a completely different narrative.

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      • If the election took place again I expect the result would be the same. 46% of the vote is much higher than many past Presidents – i.e Reagan. Did lots of people not vote because they didn’t like either candidate? I get that impression.


  1. My friend. I left Thefeatheredsleep because of some very unkind things that occurred after Rob had posted my lovely interview on his site. It freaked me out and upset me a lot so I closed my account which is a real shame after all the hard work put into it but I am still here, on and whilst I know you are soon to travel I hope you will be able to join this – as I am not putting it out there for all because of fear of those people coming back – thank you so much for your support and friendship xo

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    • I am so sorry Candice – this is not the first time either – I still have your books and a backlog of your poems to read and now your new one. Keep strong and don’t let the Bastard Trolls get you down


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