Pothole Gallery Challenge

Pothole on a main road into the City of Southampton – still to be repaired
Pothole in Bevois Town, Southampton

Shoreacres has given me an idea for a challenge. After a chat about potholes she commented: “I can’t imagine any place in the world is boring, if only we take the time to explore it. For example: how about a gallery of potholes?”

So without further ado: here my potholes photos!

If you would like to join in, post your photos of potholes from your post just include a pingback to this post.

Same pothole with glove to show size – those stones are big and shoot out when a car passes. Now repaired after much complaining.
Broken manhole cover Portswood Road – now repaired.

Now the next one is not my photo but published in the daily echo last year:

A sink-hole has opened up on the A27 Titchfield Bypass. Police are now looking in to it

24 thoughts on “Pothole Gallery Challenge

  1. Definitely biggies there, I shall have to get out and about and find something bigger. Shouldn’t be too difficult as I jerk and bump over them in my car every time I’m on the road.

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    • I’m glad you noticed the subtle joke – these are traffic police – we are a small overcrowded country and if one main road has to close it causes mayhem and disrupts business – needless to say potholes on main roads have priority compared to side roads.

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  2. This is wonderful: funny, sad, and infuriating all at once. I’ll make it a point to look around for an example. I may have to leave my little city to find one, though. They’re pretty good about keeping things in repair here. In Houston? Not so much. I know where there are some world-class potholes there!

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