Transmogrify: West Quay

West Quay from Forest View, 2016 © Southampton Old Lady
West Quay from Forest View, Southampton 1880

In response to the WordPress Photo challenge. This week: Transmogrify


25 thoughts on “Transmogrify: West Quay

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  2. It’s funny — I never am sure whether I think of ‘transmogrify’ as a positive word, or a negative. Transformation sounds more positive to me, transmogrify more negative, I suppose. But this is a perfect representation of both. I understand things can’t (won’t) stay the same, but that older view does seem more appealing to me.

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      • Just had a look at your blog and it is wonderful. We did something similar in Spain – getting a small plot of land in Spain and growing everything from grapes to almonds – keeping ducks and quail – our best years while we were fit – here’s wishing you both lots of happiness – sorry to have missed your programme – you must visit Southampton soon, it has changed beyond recognition apart from the old town walls


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