Halloween Challenge – Graveyards

The Italian boy who drowned in 1921 (now headless)
Mario’s grave
The grave with the tree growing on it
The tomb that slides open
Lean on each other
nettles amongst the headstones

Part of JNWS Halloween challenge: Graveyards

All these photos were taken at Southampton Common Old Cemetery, England. © Southampton Old Lady

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24 thoughts on “Halloween Challenge – Graveyards

  1. What a sad little figure the headless boy makes. Is that a life-buoy he’s holding under one arm? Fallible salvation in this world, as opposed to certain salvation (signified by the cross in his hand) in the next?

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  2. I tend to wander in cemeteries (why do we Americans seem to prefer that word rather than graveyards, I wonder?) but most graves are far more plain. I do think that in places on the east coast there are more stone tales told, but most of our communities are far newer, and of course when people still were moving west, there was no time for anything more than a mound and a marker. On the other hand, I do happen to know where there’s a huge Jesus atop a grave, wearing cowboy boots!

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    • Yes you are right – we have some ancient grave stones dating from centuries ago, but they came in to their own in the 1700s – most people had paupers graves until the 1950s. I would just love to see that huge Jesus with cowboy boots – so personal to the poor soul buried.


  3. Some nice pictures here. They reminded me of when I was a youth, I lived in Highgate, and used to spend many hours in the new and old cemeteries photographing headstones and statues, some of which were really quite elaborate, and others overgrown. A photographer’s paradise.

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