24 thoughts on “A Dozen Local Notices

    • Ha Ha! What a great headline that would be. But for readers who do not know – this trend of deep-frying Mars (chocolate) Bars coated in a flour-egg batter mix, usually reserved for white fish, started in 1995 in North-east Scotland. It was labelled as one of Britain’s unhealthiest foods and therefore caught on! This label is from Mike’s Fish & Chip shop in Queensway, Southampton, who has an excellent reputation for his cuisine – it is not too far from the cruise terminals if any readers visit.

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  1. The Mars bar in batter recalls state fair food here. They deep fry everything they can get their hands on. I’ll have a funnel cake from time to time, but that’s about the extent of it for me. I wondered about those waking nights, too. Thanks for the explanation. It’s 4:39 a.m. here, and I’m wide away – wish I could go back to sleep, but it seems that isn’t going to happen, so I could be a waking-night-person for someone — at least, now.

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  3. I did quite a bit of searching before I noticed your addendum – I couldn’t spot it. I tend to write fast so I make quite a few grammatical errors – my husband is a pedant – we can’t watch news on the TV without him spellchecking everything written on it and shouting at the box!


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