Goodwood Revival 2016


Bubble car at parking meter outside reconstructed Piccadilly Circus

Like being on a giant film set

The first ever car-race took place at Goodwood race track 75 years ago. For the last 20 years there has also been a Revival, where vintage cars or bikes, race (and sometimes crash). There is a strict dress code for spectators; They must dress in vintage or authentic-looking retro clothing from the 40s, 50s or 60s. Goodwood also employs a number of actors and entertainers who take on characters from those eras.

For a few hours work each morning, I was able to enjoy myself for the rest of the day and take snaps. More people belong to drama groups in Britain than they do football clubs, so it is not surprising that so many make an effort to look the part. But visitors come from all over Europe and the Commonwealth.

The Sixties       (Click on photos to enlarge and read captions)

Each year there is a highlighted theme. This year because it was the 50th anniversary of the England football team winning the World Cup, it was England verses Germany 1966.

Join in a kick-about with the 1966 England Team reconstruction
Family day out
We’re going to Wembley


Part of the grounds had a reconstructed football pitch where spectators could join the likes of ‘Bobby Moore’ in a knock-about. There was a parade around the track of traffic on their way to Wembley Stadium, which showed off owners cars that would have been around in 1966. The vehicles included vintage: police cars, milk carts, motorbikes, Mini and Bubble cars, Bentleys, Daffodils, Fords, Hillmans, Jaguars, Rolls, Sunbeams, Triumphs, Vauxhalls, plenty of public transport buses and coaches as well as Germans in Volkswagens.


The Fifties

Dancing in the rain – we are use bad weather at some point during any British festival
family fun fair
Go roller skating courtesy of Butlins

The Forties

Our North American allies and barbershop quartet
Goodwood invites Veterans raising funds and awareness of D-Day
There are vintage air displays from Goodwood Airfield. Everything from Dakotas to Lancaster Bombers

Beer tents are a must at British festivals – especially when it rains

Heading for the Doom Bar beer tent
Beer tents are always friendly
Come step back in time
stand-up atmosphere
or you might be lucky to find a comfy chair
There are a quite a few pub tents
and gin bars
Vintage cars are on sale
One could almost forget that the main event is the racing
Jackie Stewart (in the cap) Stirling Moss and many other first class drivers and celebrities race each year


Copyright © Southampton Old Lady. If you would like to use any of my photographs please consult me first.  If your stand or you yourself are in any of my photographs feel free to use them however you wish. Goodwood Actors Guild Members also have my permission to use any of these photos or add links for their profile purposes. Please credit: wherever possible.  Thank you


34 thoughts on “Goodwood Revival 2016

  1. Oh my heavens: 1966 is now vintage? That’s the year I left England to come to Canada. We were World Cup Soccer Champions at the time … those were the days. The fiftieth anniversary of my arrival in Canada was last Saturday, 10 September … vintage indeed. Lovely pictures and some great memories. Thank you.

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    • They do a number of events, horse-racing, festival of speed and Revival. I’m not that keen on racing really – but I love all things vintage. It seems to get bigger each year – you can get your moustache groomed or your hair done in Victory rolls – but you have to book nearly a year ahead. All the tickets were sold out months ago.

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  2. I have a better sense of hope about England, humanity, and the world, through seeing the people pull together as one, here. I think I wore similar fabrics to the roller-skaters! I thought the busker was an original photo, until I saw the rest of your photos.

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  3. My gracious! I’m not usually a fan of this sort of event, but it may be that we don’t do them as well as you Brits! This looks absolutely marvelous. it tickles me that some of the 1950s fashion is so similar to what we had here. And I realized I do have a prejudiced bone in my body: I never imagined English people swing dancing. I guess I thought all you did was waltz! 🙂

    I can’t pick a favorite photo; there just are too many good ones. But I did enjoy the two girls roller skating, and the aviator with his girl, in the photo just below the plane. I looked, and then looked again — I’m not sure she would have had the tattoo, back in the day!

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    • Britain used to have skiffle bands until they heard American rock’n’roll. You are right, they copied and wanted all things American – until The Beatles came along. Tattoos were popular among working class women in the thirties and forties but went out of fashion for women by the fifties.

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  4. Ooh, I nearly missed this post, so glad I found it! How wonderful to be part of this! I definitely want to go next time. The costumes are amazing! Do you have any of yourself? I love the children dressed up, and the baby prams! Fabulous photos!

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  7. Looks like a fun packed week. Great outfits, and fabulous photos. Last year, my sister and partner participated in a banger rally from Calais, or it could have been Southamptom through Europe, to Venise, Italy. They were dressed up like characters from Cluedo, their banger painted like the Cleudo board, and everyday they were challenged to find something or somewhere and take a selfie.

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    • I had to look it up – Motoscape Rally 2016 – and they send you the costumes and book your accommodation – you have to work out where you are going to be and it ends with a big party. That does sound fabulous – I always loved Cluedo – I would love to be Miss Scarlet – which Cluedo character would you be?

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      • Miss Scarlet, that was my sister, you’ve reminded me, but I’m sure she made her own outfit. And yes, every day they drove from one arranged hotel to the next, meeting up with their friends, with a do and prizes at the end. I’ve played Cluedo once in my life, so I can’t say which character I’d choose to be.

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  8. What a brilliant blog post. Fascinating and charming.

    Great to see Sir Jackie Stewart looking as fit and intense as ever.

    The photo of the four WWII veterans put a lump in my throat — thanks to them for our freedom, as always.

    And the smiling young woman in the khaki military fatigues is iconic.

    Thank you for recording this event in a way that gives a sense of how it feels.

    Cheers, JBS

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