Fun 2: Seniors

Second from the right is my husband
Yes that’s him with Emily – their boots in the air

About an hour drive from Southampton towards London on the M3 is the giant funfair Thorpe Park, making it the nearest one to London.

My husband, sporting a blue cardigan, will be 80 this year (much older than me).  He spent a joyous day on location at this attraction last week, shooting its latest commercial with Emily Barker – a character who visits on a regular basis.

Seniors have campaigned against age-discrimination with regard to special offers at funfairs. So in an effort to correct this, Thorpe Park have just launched an Old Age Coasters (OAC) Pass which provides multiple discounts for the over-65s.

My husband is a retired helicopter pilot and loves the rush. He is a bit of a dare-devil – last year he went paragliding with my daughter – she takes after him.

Are you an adrenaline junkie?  (No I am not getting paid for this)


Click on the links:

The actual TV commercial on YouTube

News item about the OAC Pass in London’s Evening Standard
Article from my Art So Provident  site about Derren Brown‘s macabre theme rides at Thorpe Park
Thorpe Park  website
Official Thorpe Park photographer photos first used in Evening Standard

31 thoughts on “Fun 2: Seniors

  1. What an inspiration to us all your husband is (bit convoluted sentence I know). Sadly, I couldn’t even go on one of these when I was a young girl or even a teenager. I’ve never had that daredevil streak, buried my head in books instead and lived vicariously through heroes and heroines that slogged through mud and bullets!

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  2. I’m all for older people having the right to engage in risky behaviors, or even scary ones, for all that. But you’ll not find me on one of those rides. Nope, not a chance. I’ve not liked them for decades. Of course, I don’t like scary movies, either.

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  3. Hi SOL, well done your husband. I am a risk taker, somewhat, but not on rides like these. I always feel sick. If I go on a ride like this I have to sit still for a while to recover. My adrenaline rush comes from trying out new adventures. Last year two old school friends of mine and myself walked the Coast to Coast in 14 days. We are all in our sixties. Nothing to it!!Ha! Ha!. I go running most days on Wimbledon Common. I like to push myself physically in that way. (I am 64!!) and I love exploring the world of Jane Austen and writing my blog. Those are my sort of adventures!!!!

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  4. My husband would love one of those OAC passes ~ a few years ago he convinced me to go on The Big One at Blackpool. I’m glad I did but have no desire to repeat the experience! Maybe he’ll get to take our grandchildren on some of these adrenaline~rush rides when they are tall enough ~ I’ll stay on the ground and mind the coats and the bags!! 😉Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog, so that I could ‘find’ you on the other side of the Solent! 😊

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