Fun Arcade

When I saw these vintage penny arcade machines at Portsmouth’s  Historical Dockyard, it brought back so many happy childhood memories of going to the Southsea funfair with my parents. I loved the puppets so much and could remember exactly what would happen before I put my coin in. I am so happy to find that they still exist in a museum.

In response to the Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge: Fun

A coin in this machine has this “Laughing Sailor” belly-laughing so infectiously that the most grumpy person ends up chuckling to it.
The machine reveals funny things that happen to “The Drunkard” (from erotic to nightmarish) in  his dream as he crashes out in the beer cellar
Ghosts galore in “The Haunted Churchyard”
An art nuevo machine with crane to attempt to catch sweets.
“The Burglar” finds himself distracted by the fire cracking, the radio pipping, the victim snoring while he tries hard to listen to the clicks of the dial of the safe.

21 thoughts on “Fun Arcade

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  2. We still have the cranes around, and I remember them from my own childhood, but the others are new to me. I know we had penny arcades at the carnivals, but they were somehow different. I think they were more games of chance, like pitching pennies into a dish, or shooting duckies for a prize. These look wonderful — it would be fun to see them do their thing.

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