Security Heightened on South Coast of England

Portsmouth Harbour Heightens level of response against terrorist threats August 2016 © Southampton Old Lady
Portsmouth Harbour Heightens level of response against terrorist threats

While visiting various ports in the South of England this weekend, it was clear that recent events have lead to increased security of our coastline and of all events that take place on them.

A random attack of a crowd in London by a mentally ill ‘lone wolf’ –  has reinforced that Britain is not exempt from what is happening in other parts of the world.

This together with recent cases of drug-smuggling fishermen and people-smuggling yachts that arrived at “less busy” ports and marinas, has led to increased vigilance.

Helicopter checks on boats that arrive at Gosport Marinas without the obligatory radio call
Prosecutors of the three men jailed in two cases of smuggling Albanians here, said Chichester Marina had no border controls


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6 thoughts on “Security Heightened on South Coast of England

  1. You’ve reminded me of the time we were sailing offshore from Port Isabel back to Galveston, and got stopped by the Feds just before we entered Galveston Bay. It’s too long a story for here, but it boils down to “they were looking for gun runners, and we weren’t it.” Quite an experience — and that was in 1988 or so.

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  2. I remember a time when the IRA tried to smuggle guns onboard the QE2 via Southampton. When we lived in Portugal (early 90s) we were often greeted by drug-dogs brought out with coastal police, each time we returned to Portimão, despite radio-ing in. Spain was similar. With radar these days it is easy to know the ‘small ship registered’ name of the boat that comes in. In Britain there were river and shore police in boats but they have suffered financial cut-backs during the past decade which was not considered SUBSTANTIAL. Not too many would use this method of smuggling people in to the country until the current migration crisis – most would use fake documents and come via Europe. Security levels if labelled ‘HEIGHTENED’ are SUBSTANTIAL or SEVERE.

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