17 thoughts on “Morning on the Beach

  1. I don’t know much at all about horses, but I was quite taken with that white one with the black spots in your first photo. Is that a particular breed? or just a very fancy horse? What I take to be changing houses are fun, too. Is that what they’re for? The colors are delightful.

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    • You get a lot of spotted horses and ponies in Britain – I think that is a Black Leopard or a cross breed with a British Spotted Pony (usually small).
      Those coloured sheds are typical British beach huts. You can own them or hire them for the day or year, the doors open out to extend the ‘living space’ and there are cooking facilities and sun beds stored in them for a perfect day at the beach. They are strict rules these days about the colours – that are chosen from a chart – some have to be pastel colours, some various shades of green or blue, historically they are bright primary colours.

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  5. Reminds me of the Standardbreds I say trotting down Omaha Beach when I visited Normandy in 2010. There is something wild and comforting about horses on the beach. Thanks for posting this lovely shot.

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