Summer Splash


For two days an otherwise Cool Britannia has been basking in a Mediterranean heatwave.

Normality has stopped while bodies, the colour of uncooked pastry, have headed to the water’s edge to sacrifice themselves to the Sun. Baking and blistering in a desperate attempt to change colour.

Breathing underwater © Southampton Old Lady

19 thoughts on “Summer Splash

  1. Those lifeguards are great. Insouciant, laid-back, yet clearly ready for anything that comes their way — such fun! And your plashy water spray is great, too. I could stand that kind of cooling off!

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  2. Love the spray pic. Beaches are different looking in Britain.Best way to cool off in hot weather. If you go out, put on plenty of sunblock–a burn is not much fun. I would love to have some of the weather you are having right about now.

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    • Weather back to being cloudy today which is why everyone stepped out. I used to live in Southern Spain so know all about coping with sun and heat – it doesn’t have the same thrill for me now and I too worry about all the burnt bodies – as Noel Cowrd once sang “Mad dogs and Englishmen, go out in the mid-day sun”.
      I got drenched taking the splash pic.

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  3. What amazing photos! Summer has arrived. The last photograph of the girl “breathing underwater” is my favorite. I love how she’s dressed in a flowery blouse and looks as if she impulsively jumped into the pool to cool down. Lovely spontaneity! xo

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