We are here..

WWI soldiers at IKEA Southampton posted on twitter and facebook with the hashtag “WeAreHere”

Today a number of young men in WWI uniforms walked about the town centre in Southampton. If approached, each soldier handed out a calling card with a name of a local solider who had died on the Somme in 1916.

I was moved to tears by this powerful piece of performance art of ‘soldier ghosts’. It was organised by the 1418 Now group using hundreds of volunteer actors in shopping centres and stations all over Britain, to mark the Centenary of the Battle of the Somme.

We will remember them.

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18 thoughts on “We are here..

  1. This is such a touching way to remember them. I’d seen “Somme” and “Ikea” paired somewhere today, and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what that was about. Now I know — and I commend everyone who was involved in this tribute.

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  2. Such a simple but perfect tribute, having the soldiers walking almost ghost-like through today’s life. It underlines how they were normal folk like us forced into (or misled into volunterring for) ghastly abnormal circumstances. The face that each actor portrayed an individual soldier and wordlessly handed a white card to passers-by was moving and thought-provoking.
    Brilliant work all round.

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    • It wasn’t advertised and they didn’t stay in one place they wondered through town, hung out at stations and waited in queues. Most people just caught glimpses of them from a bus – but it was enough. Good luck with your mini-travels – what a novel adventure!

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