Drenched from puddles

I walked to the doctors’ surgery today. It was sunny when I left but I took my waterproof coat, umbrella and wore rubber shoes as the forecast was rain. Here in the UK we check the weather forecast every day and go prepared for all unpredictable weathers.

While sat in the waiting room, the Heavens opened and the downpour filled up gutters with fast-running rivers. But the time I left, the rain was at a ‘normal’ pour but puddles were everywhere. I still managed to get drenched; not from above, but from the fast-driven wheels on cars relentlessly splashing water upwards. I wish I had worn my bathing costume!

Car-splash surfer from the viral video
Car-splash surfer from the viral video

It reminded me of the hilarious car-splash-surfing in Lancashire video that went viral last December. If you haven’t seen it then click here – it’s a treat.

Meanwhile here are a few more snaps I took of puddles: