Any Spare Change?

Elderly man sleeping rough in Southampton © Southampton Old Lady
Elderly man sleeping rough in Southampton © Southampton Old Lady

In response to WordPress photo challenge: Spare

24 thoughts on “Any Spare Change?

      • Indeed! Good luck with getting anyone from the government, especially the conservative government, to empathise with the homeless and vulnerable. In the run-up to the London Olympics, David Cameron was asked how many people he thought were sleeping rough in London. His answer? “I’ve been told it’s around 250” What hope can there be when the Prime Minister doesn’t even have a grasp as to the scale of the problem? That said, it happens here in Belgium too. Three years ago we had a really bad winter, and it was reported that a young homeless guy had frozen to death on a park bench because there were no beds available in the shelters. No one deserves to die like that.

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      • I didn’t know that about Cameron answering 250! Mind you one of the initiation ceremonies of that awful club he belonged to (apart from the pig thing) was to burn a £50 in front of a homeless person. I have meant three homeless people that have died in the last year in Southampton. Two possible suicides the other was knifed for defending a couple of addicts from being evicted.

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      • Horrific! Truly heartbreaking! Even more so given that the homeless are practically invisible. My sister lives in Portsmouth and there’s a guy who she often sees, and more often than not, she buys him a cup of tea and a sandwich or something. She’s a nurse, so knows a lot about compassion. On saying that though, she did say that although it was part of her oath to render assistance as and when needed, if she had to treat Cameron, she would do, but would neither be gentle nor warn him if something was likely to hurt! Go sis!

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  1. You never know what good this post will do. Some time ago, I included a photo of a homeless man and his dog in one of my posts. It was taken on Queen Street in Toronto by someone with the handle of Crows to Burnaby and posted to Flickr. The photo began making the rounds of the internet, just because it was so sad, and so touching, and everywhere it went, this comment eventually was made:

    “This man is my son. His name is Noel Mathew Cowley. He is 29 & has been missing for almost 2 years now. We want him to know we love him & everyone is concerned about him & all want him home.”

    I can’t find the report now, but eventually he was reunited with his family.

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  2. So heartbreaking. There was an old homeless man in the town where I grew up. I often wonder what happened to him (I’m sure he’ll have passed away by now, as I’m talking around 30+ years ago). I’d like to think he got the help he needed, even though I never saw him ask for help.

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  3. You know my views about homelessness. I have so many heartbreaking photographs of homeless people in Bristol. The numbers are swelling. Furthermore they are not (as someone recently suggested to me) all immigrants…a slightly baffling statement. Where ever they are from is slightly irrelevant; they are people who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Props to SOL. Boo to Tory cuts.

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