Titanic Southampton Remembers

Things are busier than ever with our attempt to move and live on a boat at the moment. I haven’t time to devote to well-researched thought-out posts. Instead I have found a lot of what I want to write about already out there.

Four years ago Southampton had a big commemoration – 100 years since the sinking of The Titanic.

Why is it so important to us? Well, out of over 900 crew members 750 were from Southampton. Unless you were in charge of a lifeboat – most of them drowned.

Repercussions of that event over a Century ago are still felt in Southampton today.

If you are interested here is a BBC Documentary presented by Bernard Hill, the British actor who played Captain Smith in the Cameron film. It’s about 25 minutes long, so unless you are interested in Southampton or The Titanic, you are forgiven if you don’t click:


26 thoughts on “Titanic Southampton Remembers

    • Bruce! You know I thought of you and Uncle Herbert when I put this post up. The ones that survived without rowing a lifeboat like Herbert Lightoller (what a hero!) went through such a horrible time. Even when I was a student and went to work on a ferry during the summer holidays – I was informed by my mother “if the ship sinks – stay on the boat until you are the last one off or life won’t be worth living when you come home.”

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  1. I’ll have a watch this evening. After the explosion of BP’s Deepwater Horizon, I became interested in some of what came after the sinking of the Titanic: that is, the legal issues. As it turned out, the case of the Titanic had direct relevance to the Transocean case. I wrote about that here, but don’t feel obligated. It is one of those wonderful coincidences of blogging that I now should be following someone who has her own personal connections to it all!

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    • Now I know why WordPress have star-crossed our paths! What an interesting post! We do have similar interests. Read all the comments too. Laws at sea change so slowly and they usually come after a tragedy. Each season they declare biggest cruise ship ever to call in to Southampton – the whole competition for biggest and fastest is happening all over again with hardly any time to build them. I can forsee another Titanic Disaster happening again soon.


  2. I never realized the extent to which the sinking of the titanic was a truly international tragedy until this year, and didn’t know the Southampton link until you posted. So glad I saw your post.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this! I will be taking my first cruise ever on a ship leaving from Southampton next year! I found your post very interesting. I was especially drawn to the one woman who assisted with the lower cabin families!

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  4. One of these days I will watch the titanic film but I have an idea I might be disappointed. My husband’s grandfather was supposed to be crew but got drunk the night before and missed the boat. Good job really!

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