Choon Choosday: Overseer – Heligoland

I just have to reblog this Choon Chooseday blog from “The Reclining Gentleman” who is also from Southampton. Heligo is a reworking of the Shipping Forecast by Overseer. If you find ships interesting and listen to the shipping forecasts like us here, you will love it. Be warned though many might find in boring.

The Reclining Gentleman

The Shipping Forecast is a peculiar broadcast. For those in peril on the sea, it is a vital indication of the weather to come. But its reach goes far beyond those who are actually shipping. For those listening to the cricket on Long Wave, it can be an irritating interruption at times of high excitement. For those going to bed (or already in bed but unable to sleep) it is soothing soundscape poetry.

I am one of those who rarely takes to a boat but loves to hear the forecast at any time of day or night. And this number by Overseer is a reworking of those strange otherworldly phrases and places, interwoven with those feelings of uncertainty and insecurity that the time of 00.48 can bring. Many have parodied the Shipping Forecast, but none have paid tribute to it with such respect and pathos. And nobody else has managed…

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