Photo Challenge: Mass Transit

Southampton was once "Home of the Ford Transit"
Southampton was once “Home of the Ford Transit”


Southampton Docks is packed with Mass Transit scenes. Every type of vehicle from Rolls Royces and Land Rovers to JCBs and camper-vans, are exported around the world. Southampton was once “Home of the Ford Transit”. This was a Ford factory that produced white (though sometimes other colours) commercial vans, which employed thousands of people in my home town.

One of my first posts was about trying to keep the factory alive, but eventually it was demolished:


This has been in response to Cee Photo Challenge: Mass Transit:

12 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Mass Transit

  1. I’ve seen these thousands of vans and other cars in Southampton and other places. I always wonder where they end up. I’ve never thought to take a photo of them, though, so I don’t think I’ve got a photo for this challenge!

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  2. I just “discovered” a lot filled with hundreds (thousands?) of white vans last weekend. it was very near an area where there’s ship access, so it may be that they were imports coming into the country. It is an impressive sight, isn’t it? The top photo is especially nice. Do you travel with a stepladder for those times when you need a little height?

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    • There was once a news report about a group of stolen cars that were exported from Southampton Docks. One of them had a tracker device. The police were able to trace it going half way around the world and manage to find all the other cars stolen alongside it on the way. North America, Africa – north and south, China and United Arab countries.

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