16 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Abstract – St George

  1. I’ve seen on the interwebz that today is St. George’s day. Do you know I haven’t a clue who George was? or why he was sainted? Clearly, this is a lack on my part. When I get home this evening, I intend to make amends by looking him up and reading about him.

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    • Do you have a patron saint? There are so many. George was a farmer turned Roman Soldier. He was supposed to have slayed a dragon, which was obviously some allegorical achievement. He is the patron saint of agricultural workers, saddle-makers and butchers. He has been adopted by Catalonia – Spain, Malta, England and many other places as the Patron Saint of their region. England adopted him during medieval times after stories were brought back from the crusades. His symbol is usually a red cross on a white background or a red rose. I also mention him in the post before this one.

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  3. That’s lovely and amazing. Where is it? Whose is it?

    I’m doing St George this week, as well. Did you know that we have Edwards I and III to thank for having him as patron saint (although it wasn’t official for another couple of centuries after them)?

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    • Yes – they listened to the stories brought back by the crusaders – it was slaying the dragon that did it! This painting is part of the Southampton Art Gallery collection. I confess I cannot remember who painted it, but took a snap and intended to research it online when I got home – cannot find anything out about it. Needs further investigation.

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  5. His cross is there on the flags of few nations till this date, and surely a great protector of not just the church but the entire neighbourhood regardless of caste and creed.. ❤

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