Photo Challenge: Old Photographs

Getting Miss World's autograph at Sydney Man's Shop, St Mary's Street, Southampton. PHOTO: Echo
Getting Miss World’s autograph at Sydney Man’s Shop, St Mary’s Street, Southampton. PHOTO: Echo

Third Time Lucky brought this challenge to my attention and I just happened upon an old photo from the sixties.

I was an avid autograph hunter then. Here is me bunking off lessons (The Deanery School called it “dooching”) to get Miss World’s autograph at Sydney Man’s Shop in St Mary’s Street, Southampton.

It was a trendy street at the time this was taken. Beatniks and Mods listened to the latest hits in booths at Henry’s Records, bought aftershave and hair-nets from the House of Fraser  or shopped for factory rejects of fashionable shoes from Kingsland Market. Sydney’s biggest rival was The Shirt King at the top of the same street, who gained popularity with his collarless Beatle, then later Ben Sherman shirts.

Sydney sold “Rael-Brook Toplin – the shirt you don’t iron” type-of-styles (for its quirky self-made ad click: ).  I expect he tried to out-do The Shirt King somehow with this publicity stunt. It got me a detention after my teacher saw it in the local newspaper.

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Toutpouri has just given me an idea. Tell me what ‘skipping lessons’ was called at your school?