Challenge: What’s in your Shopping Basket?

March 2016 © Southampton Old Lady
March 2016 © Southampton Old Lady

My deep freezer broke down a few weeks ago and although I had to throw some away, we managed to give away lots and live off the rest. We are currently doing some serious de-junking as we will need to move somewhere smaller, so the freezer will not be replaced and we have to get used to shopping on a smaller scale. I am always intrigued when I go into a supermarket what people put in their baskets. Some do their whole weekly shop and others just get a few special offers, including gadgets, that brand has to offer.

I have been inspired by a few other wordpress blogs as to what foods people buy. Firstly Frankie Bean showed us what a corner shop sold in Halifax, Nova Scotia, then Third Time Lucky showed what was in her fridge in Hampshire, England.

So here’s a photo of my most recent shop at Aldi – basics really. I am not a loyal customer. I shop at all the stores near when passing. I live with a family of good cooks, so we hardly ever  buy ready-meals unless they are ridiculously cheap after reaching their sell-by date.

Shopping: Corn Flakes (bargain 33% extra free), Weetabix, plain poppodoms (ready to eat, though we often fry our own. Although of Indian origin, these are officially part of a British diet these days just as Italian spaghetti is), malted bloomer sliced loaf of bread (my husband usually makes ours in a bread-maker but we sometimes buy a loaf too if we have guests), one dozen free range eggs (I really miss my chickens), cat food pouches and a box of dried cat food (our semi-wild cat came from The Alhambra in Spain after quarantine and is 13 years old), half a dozen hot cross buns (well this was just before Easter), British Cos lettuce (2 in a bag), tin (English for can) of baked beans, bunch of fair trade bananas, punnet of cherry tomatoes (I try to support British but the Spanish ones taste so much better), 2 litre bottle of semi-skimmed milk.

So what’s in your shopping basket?

Let me know or post a photo or/and a list and perhaps leave a pingback: ‎






27 thoughts on “Challenge: What’s in your Shopping Basket?

      • Did you know that the corny grouse-shooting joke won the funniest joke in Europe?
        If you’ve not heard it before it goes:
        Michael and Joaquim were out shooting grouse when Michael fell to the ground. He didn’t seem to breathing and when Joaquim raised Michael’s eye-lids his eyes rolled back in his head. In a panic, Joaquim took out his mobile phone and dialled the emergency services. When he got through, he gasped to the operator, “My friend is dead! What can I do?” The operator, in a calm soothing voice said, “Don’t panic! I can help. First, lets make sure he is actually dead.” There was a silence for a few moments and then the operator heard a shot. Then Joaquim said “OK, now what?”

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  2. I don’t know how to post a photo but yesterday (Easter Sunday) I was to “create” the dessert. It was to be Gateau St. Honoré. I needed some cooking chocolate. Not a single store in town was open. My shopping basket was empty. 😦

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  3. Great tip for poppadoms – get the dried ones, lightly spray with spray oil (we use olive oil) place between two kitchen towels and place in the microwave for 35 seconds. Ta da…poppadoms without frying and no need to drain.

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  4. I like to eat “Mediterranean”, so my basket mostly contains fruit and veg, eggs (with the SPCA tick re hen welfare), nuts, and yoghourt or cheeses. Plus less often, shellfish, or fish – fresh or tinned. And even less often meat and its derivatives like sausages and salami. All to be cooked, if necessary, in olive oil. But at this time of year I can go haywire! Easter eggs and buns. I don’t have a stand-alone freezer. Just a separate compartment in my fridge, where I store things like portions of cooked food and leftovers, plus sliced bread.

    And oh, dejunking. I’m forever doing it but the place never seems to get any emptier.

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    • Yes you are a bit like me. I filled my freezer (now gone) with leftovers. The youngsters hate them but for me it is a forgotten treat. You are right about never getting emptier. Isn’t it stressful? – I am a hoarder until I dejunk – then I’m ruthless. My husband doesn’t acquire much but then finds it hard to let go of anything once it has.

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      • I can be ruthless when it comes to decluttering – particularly with what can be recycled, or would sell at a charity shop. Problem is, I have many bits and pieces from my grandmother’s house that I can’t bring myself to throw out. They bring back happy memories, but they wouldn’t mean a thing to her great-grandchildren, or sell easily at a charity shop.

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  5. Photos? No, I hadn’t thought of that. Another option could be small, local museums – bits and pieces used by early residents in the relevant districts might be of interest. I’m thinking of downsizing, which is why I’m trying to keep the clutter under control!

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  6. What a clever idea for a challenge. We were just out today at the store starting to provision for the next 6 months of sailing. And given that I am sailing with an Italian who is an amazing cook, our basket was full of olive oil, tomatoes, and pasta :-). I may very well link into this challenge in a future post.

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  7. I’m just about to go shopping for the week. Mine will be mainly fresh stuff, meat from the butchers and a few things like cereals, flour and, of course coffee (carte noir). I hate ready meals but Comma do loves them. This may something about my cooking,

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