Craig ‘Flipping’ David

Craig David sings at St Mary's Stadium while sporting a Southampton Football Club's striped shirt
Craig David sings at St Mary’s Stadium while sporting a Southampton FC red & white, striped shirt

Looking forward to being entertained by Craig David at Southampton’s Common People Festival this May. The British media are full of his “come-back” now that he has hit the Top 20 with a new single, When The Bassline Drops – a collaboration with Big Narstie. David suffered bad image problems after comedian Leigh Francis made fun of his Bo Selecta image – but for us in Southampton, he has never been away.

I was at school with both his talented parents, George and Tina. They still live here and he sees them regularly. His performances in Southampton always sell-out. There is so much love for him here.

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Black & White in Colour 2: The Hobbit

The Hobbit, a famous pub in the Bevois Valley area of Southampton.
The Hobbit, a famous pub in the Bevois Valley area of Southampton.

The second in my series of black & white scenes photographed in colour. I also keep meaning to do a series about pubs in Southampton, so I will also call this Pub 1.

The Hobbit pub in Southampton, named after a Tolkien character, has been going for around 24 years and draws an eclectic crowd.

It has become world famous now for the law suit: The Hobbit Pub versus Warner Brothers, The lawyers, acting on the motion picture company’s half, tried to force them to change their name just before the launch of the film of the same name. The independent pub received backing both verbally and financially from British actors Ian McKellin and Stephen Fry in the right to keep the name, which was the first case brought against them. Now there is an ongoing battle over the names of their locally crafted ale and cocktails. The cases have been going on for about four years now. The Hobbit holds annual fund raisers to help support their claim.

Customers need to be over 21 and there is a small charge to see regular bands who play in their basement.

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