Driving Rain

Such strange weather we are having this month, it varies between ‘sunny & cold’ and ‘raining & mild’. The same weather front that brought snow to Washington, USA, brought heavy rain to us here in the milder South of England on the 26th and 27th January. Appointments were necessary so we travelled out when it was just drizzling, waited out a downpour in Bournemouth before returning home to Southampton when it ‘calmed.’ As a car passenger on the A31 I took these snaps:





Traffic slows as we approach the 'Fag Butt' (slang for: cigarette end) building in Swaything on the outskirts of the City.
Traffic slows as we approach the ‘Fag Butt’ (slang for cigarette end) student building in Swaything on the outskirts of the City.





17 thoughts on “Driving Rain

  1. That looks like the day we went to town to spend Christmas vouchers. We parked behind East Street and got as far as Costa on the High Street before giving up. Town was almost empty and we were the only people daft enough to be out so we had Costa all to ourselves.

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    • Fags are cigarettes; butt comes from an old archery term. I felt a need to add that in case anyone from the US thinks it may be derogatory towards someone’s sexual orientation! But yes you are right, we down-size names instead of elevating them. When I lived in Spain I was explaining to my Australian neighbour that the Spanish name for his beautiful multi red tipped plant was “lagrimas de amor” (tears of love). “We call it cigarette ends back in Oz” he informed me.

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      • Was the Carbuncle Cup inspired by Prince Charles’ comment about that square building in York being “a carbuncle on the face of York?” I took a photo of it when I was there – it did look incongruous. But (call me crass) the Fag Butt has a certain appeal. I’ll check out the link.

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      • I just googled it and you’re correct. The awards started in 2006 following his comment. I certainly wouldn’t mind living in the Fag Butt. It is pretty handy for everything and has its own gym, bar and supermarket etc.

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