Netflix – The Crown

the-crown-netflixStreets are being blown up in Winchester today – not far from my city in Hampshire, as part of Netlflix/Sony filming a big-budget historical drama series called The Crown.

College Street and Kingsgate Street have all been cordoned off  except for actors costumed in 40s attire, and rubble has been placed outside The Wykeham Arms pub for the re-enactment of World War II scenes.

The Wykeham Arms

The Wykeham Pub and Cornflowers on College Street, Winchester
The Wykeham Pub and Cornflowers on College Street, Winchester

I expect that Hampshire Council will well-paid for this inconvenience – at £100 million, the filming budget is said to be the most expensive television show ever produced in Britain.

My family and friends have travelled to various parts of Britain to work as extras since filming commenced last October. Despite having signed secrecy contracts, the scenes at weddings, funerals and stately homes are all over the internet. Netflix have also released a trailor on YouTube:  More stills appear on

The first two of an eventual series of six, concentrate on the Queen’s early years, her marriage to Prince Phillip, the death of King George IV, her Coronation and the Blitz. These are expected to be released all in one go this Autumn, after the last series of Downton Abbey has been aired in USA and Canada.

If the Netflix binge-watch is financially successful (and these sort of dramas have world-wide appeal) the next two series will be filmed.

The Crown’s creator is Peter Morgan (of award-winning films The Queen and Frost/Nixon). It stars Claire Foy (Anne Boleyn in the Wolf Hall series) as Princess Elizabeth, Matt Smith (Dr Who) as Prince Phillip and American actor John Lithgow as a very convincing Churchill.

UPDATE 4th NOVEMBER 2016 – The first 10 of the series is being released on Netflix tonight.

13 thoughts on “Netflix – The Crown

  1. I confess I have seen only one episode of Downton Abbey. However, I did watch the coronation of Queen Elizabeth live, on our little black and white television in the middle of Iowa. I still remember the date — June 2, 1953, I believe — and I remember how pretty she was. I was greatly impressed with her train. I was…. seven years old! Oh, it was big times.

    I thought “The King’s Speech” was a fine film, too. I’m glad to know about this one. I’m more interested in the Queen than Downton, although I’m not what you’d call a Royal Watcher.

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    • Me to – I love the Queen and have a general interest in any future monarch, but have not much time for the rest of them. So many people bought their first TV especially to watch the Coronation in black & white. What I like though is all the extra work for actors famous and new that a drama series brings to the area. The Brits are such lovers of dressing up and pomp and circumstance – even more so in a depression.


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