Broken-legged Bambi

After seeing Walt Disney’s Bambi as a child, I spotted the Babycham deer behind the bar while at a working man’s club (not many clubs around like this these days, but they were open for the whole family at weekends). This Babycham deer jumped around on our black & white television sets to advertise its champagne perry just before Christmas. When Santa asked me what I wanted for Christmas – that was it. I never got one, though I did get lots of things, and will always remember the disappointment.

When our youngest daughter was a mere toddler, she saw a sparkly deer ornament on a Christmas tree at a theatre fundraising fete. Her eyes lit up and she pointed to it. The lady-in-charge picked it off the tree and gave it to her. I was filled with so much happiness living the excitement vicariously through her. She thought it was the best thing she had ever owned in the world and it took pride of place on our tree.

Through the years it has had a lot of handling, lots of moving house and drops on the floor. Consequently a leg broke off, as well as its feet. We had to stick it together a few times too and it has lost much of its sparkle, but it still favoured over other more elaborate ornaments.

My daughter showed her disappointed this year, when I informed her that our Christmas tree had grown too big to bring indoors. Then I found a small artificial tree in the loft and decorated it up in her old room where she is staying.

“Broken-legged Bambi!” She exclaimed with excitement. Then suddenly: It was Christmas.

Do any of you have any favourite ornaments that you look forward to seeing at Christmas?  If  you post them please send me a link to the photo. I would love to see them.

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