(Extra)ordinary: Down-pipe

19th Century English Gothic Revival down-pipe
19th Century English Gothic Revival down-pipe

There are so many old buildings in England that the everyday things attached to them get over-looked. Can you imagine the work that went into this down-pipe (drain, dust-pipe) that enabled it to match the English Gothic Revival architecture of the 1800s and stand the test of time? If I displayed a photo of the building that it is attached to, it would sink back to oblivion.

In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary – Mundane and meaningful objects. Beautiful everyday things. 

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Okay then here’s a small photo of the back of the building:

Highclere Castle


5 thoughts on “(Extra)ordinary: Down-pipe

  1. When I visited the UK one of the things that I couldn’t get over and snapped far too many photos of, were the drain pipes. In American we just don’t have fancy drain pipes. They are ordinary, utilitarian eyesores.

    This is a particularly beautiful one. Love it.


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