Southampton Boat Show


P1120890The Southampton Boat Show attracts billionaires and yacht-racing enthusiasts from all over the globe. This on-water boat show is one of the largest in Europe and the biggest of its type in the UK. It started in September 1969 and is held annually in September in Mayflower Park on the Town Quay.  At £22 a ticket it does not attract locals. However Super-Marine who sponsor the event allow any local senior citizen free entry…



coloured ropes

boat show 3





… so I went.

17 thoughts on “Southampton Boat Show

  1. Wonderful images! I love your compositions. Always wanted to go to that boat show but was finishing up my Yachtmaster and leaving England when I was close enough to attend in 2011 so I didn’t get to go. Nice to see it here.

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    • Yes – it is amazing how lovely people are to you when they think you are rich – free rib rides – G&Ts, smiles etc. But seriously if I had the money there was a great dual keel number that would mean you could just hook up on the sand, put the kettle on and not have to pay any mooring fees. I thought of you and said to myself – do I need a house or could I just manage with a sloop…

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