Amazing People 2: Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II Screen print by Andy Warhol, 1985
Queen Elizabeth II
Screen print by Andy Warhol, 1985

Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest serving monarch today, overtaking Queen Victoria’s reign of 63 years, seven months and two days. So I am placing her in my series of Amazing People.

Queen Elizabeth II at Southampton Docks 2014.
Queen Elizabeth II at Southampton Docks 2014.

When Elizabeth became Queen of United Kingdom and the Commonwealth in 1952, Stalin was still leader of the USSR and Truman President of the USA. She has reigned over 12 British Prime Ministers, starting with Churchill. Most of my life, I didn’t really support having a monarch; I could not understand why my father did and felt very sorry for the British Commonwealth. It was not until I moved abroad in the 1980s that I realised how important she was to the nation’s identity and stability. She has not put a foot wrong ever, and is such a wonderful role model to represent us. She did not opt for her role; like a queen bee, she inherited it and was bred for the part. She is a workaholic, carries out her Duty impeccably and would heroically give up her life to save ours if necessary. I just love her.

I have met Her Majesty twice: once at the 100th Royal Variety show at the Royal Albert Hall, in London, during her diamond jubilee year, and again last year when she came to Southampton, to name P&O’s ship Britannia at her home port.

Psychologists philosophise that, most people will dream about a meeting with their country’s leader at least once during their sleeping lives. I had a vivid dream once, long ago that I was having afternoon tea with the Queen while she sought some confidential female advice from me. Yet I have never dreamt about any of our Prime Ministers. It proves to me who I really looked up to subconsciously.

Princess Elizabeth was car engineer in 1945. She could strip down army vehicles and reassemble them – single handed.
Princess Elizabeth was an engineer and car mechanic in 1945. She could strip down army vehicles and reassemble them – single handed.

17 thoughts on “Amazing People 2: Queen Elizabeth II

  1. I remember watching her cornonation on our tiny, black and white television with about a 12″ screen. I was six years old, and still have the image of her in her robes in my mind, along with our living room, and the sound of robins through the open windows. I’ve always admired her, and her dignity.

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  2. Like a queen bee she is fed differently, with education, culture, duty, and more, which we all believe gives her the divine right. I am in awe, and love her. My french husband would love to be a subject, and have her as his Queen.

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  3. SHL, I met a woman on the train, when I was in London, who was traveling (with hat box and all) to attend one of the Queens special afternoon teas that recognize citizens, who had done something grand for charity. She was so excited about it and I was equally excited for her! How wonderful to meet the queen!

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  4. Isn’t it? My husband played about 5 different roles (blink and you’ll miss him though) but one day in the canteen he found himself drinking tea with King George, Prince Phillip and Princess Margaret!


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