Hospital Appointment


I took these photos after having a blood test and waiting for my Cancer check-up. These are typical scenes at NHS hospitals on a quiet day. The National Health Service is one of the better things about living in Britain.

P1120516oncology 2P1120520I had the all clear…

17 thoughts on “Hospital Appointment

      • Mmm, as I suspected you had some significant treatment there Sol. It might have been easier to ask which chemotherapy you didn’t have. Lol. Well done again for tolerating all those. Tamara must be as impressed with you as you are with her! 😉

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      • Thanks so much for your reply Bracken5.
        I remember once, that the chemo nurse accidentally cut a small corner of the chemo bag off while cropping the black bag. The smallest drop spilled on the floor and the whole ward had to be evacuated and cleaned with people in suits. “A bagful of this is going into my body” was all I could think. Plus I wish I had a video camera – it would make a good disaster scene.


  1. I’m so glad to hear that you got the all clear from the doctors!!! I just got my all clear a few days ago. Let’s do the Happy Dance together! Yay!
    Aren’t those chemo drugs insane? Some of them will do horrible things to your skin if they touch it, but yet they do no harm to the veins. I’m just so thankful that we have them.

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    • Yes Yes Happy dance. I went on a clinical trial so I have to be tested for life. You are on the road to recovery – I found it enlightening and mades me put real things in perspective. Once a small drop of chemo accidentally spilled on the floor and the nurse rang the alarm, some people had to be evacuated and the whole private ward scrubbed clean with people wearing suits. All I could think of was that bags of that stuff are going into my body each day. No wonder it takes time to heal. This series of 17 film clips on You Tube by Dr Hardwicke really helped me: I thought I was better but then after a few years the DNA of the brain’s hipocampus packs in – worse for lymphoma patients. After that I found which exercises the brain (they ask if you want to pay but you can just opt for the free stuff). Then doing this blog helped me focus.


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