Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy

Page ascending staircase © Southampton Old Lady
Guard Ascending Staircase                                                       © Southampton Old Lady

The WordPress Photo Challenge for this week is  – Creepy

I realised that I had far too many creepy photos to choose from: haunted, half-timbered English pubs – shocking Spanish-museum artefacts – abandoned Ministry of Defence buildings – rotting submarines…  In the end I went for the one I like, taken inside Portsmouth’s Square Tower.

This Medieval building, which is part of the fortification of Old Portsmouth, England, has had a varied, bloody history. It was reinforced during the reign of Henry VII as part of this Naval Port’s expansion.

I acted the part as Lady of the Manor at a Medieval banquet here. Saxons at a long table one side, Normans on another. I snapped this picture of one of the guards ascending the staircase to the fort’s roof.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy

    • Thanks for your comments. A Medieval banquet is a reconstruction of a huge dinner party that would have taken place during the Medieval times. 12th to 15th Century. A group of friends pay for dinner and entertainment and dress up in historical costumes. A group of actors stay in character for the evening, and teach dance, games, archery, putting people in stocks etc. Some serve traditional drinks (mead) and food (from expert historical chef) and bow and grovel like servants. I had to sit at the head of a long table pretending to be the wife of the owner of the castle and give orders in an ancient English language. These take place occasionally in ancient venues all over England – here is the one my husband and I perform at occasionally – http://www.squaretower.co.uk/medieval_banquets.html

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