Weekly Photo Challenge – Creepy

Page ascending staircase © Southampton Old Lady
Guard Ascending Staircase                                                       © Southampton Old Lady

The WordPress Photo Challenge for this week is  – Creepy

I realised that I had far too many creepy photos to choose from: haunted, half-timbered English pubs – shocking Spanish-museum artefacts – abandoned Ministry of Defence buildings – rotting submarines…  In the end I went for the one I like, taken inside Portsmouth’s Square Tower.

This Medieval building, which is part of the fortification of Old Portsmouth, England, has had a varied, bloody history. It was reinforced during the reign of Henry VII as part of this Naval Port’s expansion.

I acted the part as Lady of the Manor at a Medieval banquet here. Saxons at a long table one side, Normans on another. I snapped this picture of one of the guards ascending the staircase to the fort’s roof.