Graffiti 3 – Aliens Likely

Aliens Likely
Aliens likely 2I saw this sign in Winkle Street at Southampton’s Town Quay. I don’t know who defaced it or how long it will remain here – perhaps it is for a film promotion? I found it very amusing though – as it is how I am feeling at the moment – giving way to aliens.

Chemo Brain Quips – No.1 – Peliquins


chemo brain buttonWhile sat with the family at dinner, my husband offered my daughter a glass of Malibu This was a tease, as she had bought herself a bottle of this cocktail on her coming of age and now feels sick at the thought of drinking it. I mentioned that at one time, I had been to Malibu beach in California. My daughter was surprised that a place called Malibu actually existed. I started to describe the beach and how it was frequented by pelicans (or at least that is what I thought I described, I had actually said ‘penguins’) – Penguins! They fell about laughing.

“Is that what I said? – I meant peliquins!” – even more laughter until I eventually managed to say,’pelicans’.

penguins beach