Southampton “Happy” by Pharrell Williams – Verve version

Not everyone is depressed in Southampton. Many are very happy.
I just love this video made by film/graphic design student (?) Valerio Chiarini as part of course in Southampton.
It features the track “Happy” Verve by Pharrell Williams
P1110394I snapped this picture of a very Happy couple – do you recognise them?

Good Samaritan Saves Homeless Suicide Jump off Itchen Bridge, Southampton

Ally Law, a video blogger (vlogger), who strolled over Itchen Bridge in Southampton to take photos, helped save a man’s life. Ally found a homeless man crying and about to jump in the water to end it all while lots other people had just passed.  He accidentally caught the first bit of their conversation on his camera. It has been shared (with the man’s identity not revealed) on the Daily Echo’s website. There has been a number of similar suicides like this in Southampton recently. The rise of the jobless and homeless seems to have doubled within a year. Which makes me think it is a worldwide problem during this “Depression”:

(or) I took this snap of yet another homeless man underneath The Bargate.