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If you like original writers and photographers you might like to visit my friend Jo’s blog – I have just ‘liked’ an article on her blog below this one.

She has also just won a coveted Jerwood prize for fiction for 2015.


Significance by Jo Mazelis. (ISBN 9781781721872)

I worked with Jo Mazelis in London in the 1980s – she is a wonderful artist, illustrator, designer, poet and short story writer. This is her first attempt at a full novel: a brilliant thriller set in France – it doesn’t disappoint!
I have always loved the way she writes: colourfully imaginative and descriptive but with a gripping, sinister undercurrent – the sort that makes for so many good TV dramas. She is rapidly ascending to stand with her other famous Welsh contemporaries.

Both can be ordered from Amazon’s Book Store.

Article on Jo’s blog:


dressing table

In the years leading up to my father’s death, knowing that his home and the house I grew up would one day be dismantled and all its objects sent to the four winds, I began to take photos in order to remember. The furniture and objects in my family’s house had fixed places and year upon year nothing moved or changed – or at least very little. During the years my father lived there alone the original arrangements were overlaid with odd items, such a pills or items kept in the paper bags they came in. Now that my father has passed away and the house is gone I am left wondering why on earth I didn’t take even more photographs. I suppose there are any number of reasons for my reticence; many of these things are so familiar to me as to become almost invisible, others are or seem…

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